A Tribute To Horse Monuments Around The World

A Tribute To Horse Monuments Around The World

Horses are well known to have played a huge role in the history of mankind, and still today they continue to be well loved and cherished among many around the world. From being a courageous partner in battle, to breaking world records on the race track and in the competition arena, a way to celebrate all that the horse does for man, many monuments have been commissioned all around the world – each with their own individual story. Within this blog post we pay tribute to just a few horse monuments from around the globe.

Sergeant Reckless

Location: Kentucky Horse Park (America)
During the Korean war this small Mongolian mare had proven to be an asset to the US Marines. Purchased for just $250, she was trained as a pack horse for a recoilless rifle. At the age of 3 or 4 she was taught to avoid being caught up in barbed wire, to lie down when under gun fire and to head to a bunker upon hearing the cry ‘incoming’. She also was able to quickly learn routes during battles and was able to make solo trips for ammunition etc. During the battle for outpost vegas in 1953, Reckless made up to 51 solo trips, covering 35 miles in one single day carrying ammunition as well as evacuating wounded soldiers – for this valiant effort and her previous aid to the US Marines she was honoured with the title Sergeant.

Credit: The Kentucky Horse Park


Location: ​Gloucestershire (United Kingdom)
This 16.2hh Dutch Warmblood holds the ​world record ​score not only for the dressage Grand Prix, but for the Grand Prix Special and Freestyle! Known as Blueberry at home, the dark bay gelding was bought for only £4000 after deeming it to not have much potential – which is considered an absolute bargain after the accolades this horse went on to achieve. Not only did this horse gain title after title, as well as becoming a double world champion, him and his rider Charlotte Dujardin inspired riders from all around the world to take up the sport of dressage. Valegro retired at the top of the sport and now lives out his days at home with Charlotte Dujardin & Carl Hester.


Location: Lexington (America)
Recognised as one of the greatest horses in racing history and also known as ‘Big Red’.. In 1973 after 25 years of no horse being successful, this horse went on to win the US Triple Crown. Since then, up until today only 4 other horses have achieved such an accolade.

  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes

Still to this day 47 years on, Big Red holds the track record for all three races.

Cavallo – Leonardo’s Horse

Location: ​Milan (Italy)
In 1482 the then Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza commissioned Leonardo De Vinci to sculpt what would be the largest equestrian statue in the world. Unfortunately it was not to be, the occurrence of war stifled the creation of the horse, as well as Da Vinci’s death in 1519. However, his plans and drawings lived on and fell into the hands of Charles C Dent. Dent made it his lifes’ work to complete the sculpture, however his death in 1994 prevented this. Some 500 years later from the Duke’s initial commission, the bronze sculpture was finally finished by Nina Akumu in 1999.

The Day The Wall Came Down

Location: ​Berlin (Germany)
Residing in Clayallee, Berlin and made by Veryl Goodnight, this sculpture shows four horses leaping over a piece of the deconstructed Berlin wall. This particular sculpture was made to represent freedom and the use of a horse symbolises just that.

Credit: The Day The Wall Came Down – Veryl Goodnight

The Uffington White Horse (White Horse Hill)

Location: ​Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)
From the Bronze Age, this spectacle can be seen for miles situated in the Ridgeway Escarpment. It is said to represent a tribal symbol of the time, however it is unsure. Another proposed theory is that the horses’ alignment with the sun, reflects upon mythological beliefs that the sun was carried across the sky by a horse.

The Horse Head Tusan Cliff

Location: ​Tusan Beach (Sarawak, Malaysia)
This famous cliff looked just as though a horse was drinking from the sea – a real freak of nature! Unfortunately earlier this year the cliff collapsed into the sea.

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