About Horses Middle East – What’s New?

About Horses Middle East – What’s New?

Not even a year old but well set up to cover your equestrian selling needs.

The leading horses marketplace entirely dedicated to serving the equestrian demand and offer in the Middle East.⁠

Looking for all things equestrian? Look no further!

Horsesme.com is an online platform which operates as a one stop shop for equestrian goods and services with an integrated seamless selling and buying experience. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East and enables businesses in the equestrian industry to connect with buyers directly, thus being able to showcase their products and services without the need for an intermediary. Furthermore, this service provides a safe space for users to interact – it protects users from fake ads and acts, in respect of the equine breeds and aims to help genuine equestrian businesses thrive. 

⁠Horses Middle East was founded by Federica D’Andrea in the summer of 2020 and let’s not forget to mention during a Global Pandemic! From establishing her love of horses since the age of 11 years old, Federica has experienced life as a professional showjumping rider and trainer. She really has lived and breathed horses for her entire life.  It was her love for horses that brought her to the creation of this business, combining her work with her passion.

From living in UAE she noticed how horse trade and equestrian business advertising was not necessarily straightforward and accessible to everyone. From this realisation Horses Middle East was born and aimed to make the region better by offering a service that didn’t exist to the equestrian people and horse lovers.

How It Works

This online marketplace enables users to advertise their equestrian goods & services, as well as providing a single point of contact for buyers to seek out what they require.

Advertising is easy – follow these 3 simple steps! 

  1. Register on the website for FREE. 
  2. You first ad is 100% on US! Once you signed up, you will receive a 100% off coupon to use at checkout. 
  3. Should you wish to advertise more, simply browse through the Advertising Packages & choose the one that works best for you.

Can’t see what you are looking for? Just contact us and we will create a solution for you!

  1. Post your first advert in minutes. 
  2. Manage your adverts & interact with buyers from your dashboard.

If you’re not sure how to write your advert, have a read of our blog post ‘8 Tips for the perfect ad’ 

What’s Been Happening

Making Headlines

In less than a year Horses Middle East has made some notable achievements, with one of them being, going against the odds and successfully launching during a Global Pandemic! Arabian Business News caught on to this accomplishment and published a story all about Horses Middle East and plans for the future.

Creating Partnerships 

Horses Middle East, also successfully launched an a Affiliate Program, with the likes of Scootboots and The Husk signing up from the start. With our referral program, your business can become an affiliate and earn up to 25% commission for each successful sale you refer!

Taking Social Media By Storm & Connecting With Customers

With Instagram being the No.1 social media platform in 2020, it was important for Horses Middle East to create an online presence to interact with the users of the site, and also reach out to potential and new users. After just 6 months of posting @horsesmiddleeast hit the 1k follower mark!Staying on the topic of social media, Horses ME has successfully hosted a few Giveaways partnering with the likes of The Husk, Firebirds Equicords and Lia Jewellery. Just another reason to keep up to date with goings on at Horses ME – join our social media community today!

What’s New

Arabic Website

After some careful planning and time in the making, January 2021 brought the Horses Middle East audience an Arabic version of the website! This now makes the services that Horses Middle East provide more accessible to all equestrians located in the Middle East. 

Looking To The Future

Horses Middle East it’s always up for diversifying its offering to reach out to customers and improve their overall experience. Not only are there plans to introduce a dedicated Equestrian Tours and Travel section, a Horses Middle East app is also in the pipeline. Just watch this space!

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