• Stablebuzz – Complete Stable Management Solution
  • Stablebuzz – Complete Stable Management Solution
  • Stablebuzz – Complete Stable Management Solution
  • Stablebuzz – Complete Stable Management Solution
Date : July 30, 2020
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Location :Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Stablebuzz is a SaaS-based technology solution that improves customer services for equestrian riding stables while reducing tedious office tasks.

Fully Integrate Scheduling, Invoicing, and Financial Projections

Integrate and automate all areas including sales, marketing, customers, horses, scheduling, and staff management. Eliminate duplicate data entry into disparate systems and increase productivity across your entire organization. Business intelligence with projections help you not just plan, but test the future.

Keep Customers, Staff, and Coaches Notified of Changes

Things change, and things happen at most stables on an ongoing basis. Stablebuzz can keep everyone in the loop with email and/or text notifications. Clicking on a reply link in these notifications allows your system to track confirmations and required follow up. Automatically flag upcoming scheduling issues related to horses, people, or facility.

Fuel Your Website With Marketing Automation

Your customers are your best reference, and many of them love to share. Easily build web- site content from approved customer content so potential new customers can see just how much fun and professional your stable is. A simple website builder provides all the SEO you require, without the cost or complexity of a typical website.

In brief, what can Stablebuzz offer you?

  • Schedule coaches, riders, horses, and extra helpers
  • Use multiple arenas plus other areas of your facility
  • Manage boarded horses and those in your programs
  • Track feeding schedules and horse health
  • Automatic invoicing for lessons, events, and boarding
  • Automatic email reminders/follow up on critical tasks
  • Business intelligence with projections to test decisions
  • Build website out of content shared by your customers
  • List your stable in our directory to find new students
  • Simplify compliance for stable registration programs

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