Landing your dream role in the Equestrian World – An overview of equine careers

Landing your dream role in the Equestrian World – An overview of equine careers

The equestrian industry is vast and within it there is a job to suit all. The below will talk you through just a handful of equine careers!

Did you know there is a dedicated job section listed on the Horses ME website?


Horse Breeder is a broad term used to describe a business which breeds, produces and sell horses and/or ponies. This can be done with every horse breed or discipline, or even to suit certain niches within the industry. Typical tasks include, handling of stallions, mares & youngstock, as well as assisting with coverings and foaling. Administrative tasks are also involved – managing horse medical records and staff. Depending on the particular business other duties can include backing and training young horses ready to sell.

Within this career, there is a requirement to work closely with industry professionals such as veterinarians, farriers, dental technicians to name a few. This role may also require long working hours – dependent on the size of the business. Like many other equestrian jobs, tasks can be labouring and attention to the horses is often required 24/7 in all weather conditions, however it can also be extremely rewarding producing healthy horses that go on to be the best in their discipline.


An equestrian coach or instructor varies from teaching complete beginners how to ride a horse, all the way to supporting professional riders at the highest level. Qualifications are recommended for this role – for more information surrounding qualifications and training centres visit the BHS website. In some cases qualifications are not necessary, however they provide many benefits such as gaining knowledge on safe protocols, earning a higher income and increased chances of being hired by a registered training venue.

Not only does a coach or instructor provide eyes on the ground to aid rider performance, they can provide advice and assistance for riders wanting to purchase a new horse or attend competitions.

Competition Rider

Competition riders or professional riders earn a living from riding and competing horses. Top incomes usually come to those riding at the highest level. This career takes real dedication, hard work, perseverance and talent. Riders will often make a wage via training horses for clients, prize money, horse sales, sponsorship deals and holding training clinics. This career is more than just a job and more of a lifestyle.


An equine dental technician provides care to horses teeth. Equine dental care is a vital role to maintaining horse health – dental issues can cause various welfare concerns and performance disruptions. With specific qualifications and experience the role of an equine dentist would suit an individual with a scientific outlook and views equine care as a priority.

Equestrian Retail

An equestrian retailer sells products within a store environment or online, while offering product knowledge and customer service. Businesses such as Vet Approved RX, Scoot Boots and The HUSK are all well known equestrian retailers. Within an equestrian retail business varying roles can be offered such as sales, buying, accountancy and marketing.

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