Why it is important to ride any kind of horse

Why it is important to ride any kind of horse

So many of us love to ride and be around horses, however we all have varying experiences of the type of horses we have interacted with.

This is down to each individual’s introduction to the equestrian world – whether you have been around horses since you were only a toddler, or if you are only now in your adult years venturing into the world of everything equestrian.

For some of us we may regularly ride different types of horses, however some of us may only have one. When regularly riding and training your own horse, it is very easy to get stuck, or sometimes you may feel as though you are taking one step forward and ten steps back! This can be a common problem among horse owners, but do take comfort in that you are not in this alone. A way of conquering this issue is to remaster your skills aboard a different type of horse.

It can be quite humbling to learn that a number of high level professional riders also started out as a complete beginner, and only from riding a variety of horses and of course a lot of hard work did they make it to the top! If you are an aspiring professional rider or just want to become the best rider you can be, interacting with a number of different horses is imperative to reaching your goals. Not only will you be better at interpreting any kind of horse, you will also improve your riding capability and build your toolbox.

Just like the human species, no horse is the same. They all have their own individuality, with varying combinations of genetics, development, behaviours and environmental interactions.

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In a similar way that humans can learn from one another, you can also learn a lot from your horse.

Varying types of horses can range from:

  • Schoolmasters
  • Youngsters
  • Bigger or smaller horses
  • Discipline specific horses

Each horse you encounter will teach you something new and will require you to adapt your riding style accordingly. Not only will riding a different type of horse push you out of your comfort zone and potentially improve your confidence, it may also bring you back to basics and allow you to focus and improve on certain aspects of your riding to become a better rider. After all, alike so many other sports or activities, once you gain a new skill you can add it to your repertoire!

How will I be able to ride different horses?

There are a few ways to gain riding experiences on varying types of horse:

1. Visit your local riding stables ​- As an established rider or even a beginner don’t ever feel embarrassed to head to a riding school for a lesson. Riding schools are a great facility for matching a horse to your level of riding, as they also provide a safe environment for pushing you slightly out of your comfort zone and stepping up to a type of horse you wouldn’t normally choose to ride yourself.

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2. Horse swap with a friend ​- Swap horses with a friend for a training session. This can provide benefits that are two fold. You can experience riding a different horse, as well as gain feedback from your friend who is riding your horse. By working together with your friend you will both be able to find new ways to fix any issues you may have with your horses.

3. Have a lesson on a horse simulator ​- Many equestrian establishments now have a Racewood Simulator. ​Using the latest technologies these simulators can provide you with a riding experience at varying levels, varying disciplines and all within a safe environment.

By trying the options listed above, you will be able to not only improve your riding skills but also master any issues you may currently be facing with your own horse.

Riding other horses may not completely fix the current issues you have with your own horse, but it will provide benefits to you as a rider and broaden your knowledge and skills. If you feel you are struggling with your own horse, take a look at Equestrian Coach. This is an online resource that opens the door to a wealth of knowledge, provided by some of the best riders, coaches and industry professionals the world has to offer.

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