8 Tips for the perfect ad

8 Tips for the perfect ad

Grabbing your audience attention is not easy, especially if you just have a handful of seconds to tease their curiosity. In a very short time you have at your disposal, you need to convince the viewers to click on your ad to see more about it. Firstly, you need to make sure the very first impression is catchy, and secondly, that all the necessary information is there. 

With these simple but powerful tips, your ads will be more effective and will help maximise your chances of finding the best audience for your products, and eventually, sell. 

  1. Description and USP (unique selling point)

What are you selling? Those keywords should be highlighted in the main Title of your ad. Think about what people might google when searching for an ad like yours. Few but word but that say it all and represent what you are selling.

What is unique about your product? There is always a reason why customers choose your product instead of another one. Ask yourself what is that ‘’thing’’ and note it down. The description doesn’t need to be long and full of unnecessary details, but instead include a short and concise statement explaining what you do, how you do it and most importantly highlight your USP. If you’re a business, don’t forget to include your business website link!

When filling all the fields, preferably include a price. It will help giving buyers a clearer idea and instilling trust towards your persona or brand. Ads including a price are usually preferred to those who don’t have any.

  1. Say no to blurred pictures

Come on, we are in 2020. Anybody has access to a good quality mobile and high res pictures. We recommend to have at least 2 or 3 pictures in your ad with your products or services clearly displayed.

Blurred captions will do no good to your advert, but instead decrease the viewers attention and affect the overall quality of your ad.

You don’t want that to happen especially because poor quality photos don’t reflect your products standards and values, right? 

  1. Include a demo or free trial (your competitors will do it)

If you are a supplier, retailer or an individual offering a service, consider offering a free session or a trial demo. Especially with new potential customers, it is important to make them realise they need your service without you telling them.  If your product is strong and competitive enough, most probably they are going to love it, and will be happy to subscribe after having tried it for free. Clearly, only do that unless it doesn’t significantly affect your overall business. 

  1. Include a video link

Depending on what you want to sell, you might want to include an explicative video. If you’re showcasing your services for instance, it’s a great idea to show people how you get things done. Your chances to find new loyal customers will experience a 30% increase as people see your expertise and previous outcomes. This will be the key to make them do that phone call. 

Same goes with horses ads: in order for riders to want to try your horse, they’ll need to see him or her in action, the movements, aptitude, or something else they might be interested in. For example: for competition horses, a video of a recent dressage course or show jumping clear round will definitely tease curiosity and increase the chances to make that step into the sales funnel. Otherwise, a laid back desert hack or school lesson in the arena will do too. 

  1. Include valid contact details

Remember to always provide a valid mobile and number and email. Even better to include your direct WhatsApp. To test the waters, buyers can also opt to send you a message on the embedded messaging system. You might be asking yourself ‘’Oh, Gosh. What if I miss that? I cannot stay connected on Horsesme 24/7’’. While we would love you to, we’ve got you covered here. The very first time a buyer sends you a message to your inbox you’ll get notified by email. But don’t forget to check your emails, we can’t do it for you!

  1. Advertise in the right category 

Placing your ad in the exact category match is important for people to find what they’re looking for, and for you to be found by them.  

Be as specific as you can with the fields: according to the category selected a range of fields will appear. Even if those can be skipped, try to fill as many as you can to give a complete overview of what you are offering.

Besides, respect the individual/company distinction: companies will not be allowed under individuals profiles and packages, and viceversa. 

Same goes with multiple-purposes ads: You can only advertise one product, service or business at a time, unless you are posting an ad for second hand tack or equipment. If you know someone who would like to advertise his own business or product, you can’t do it for him. He or she will have to create a profile and post under its own name. 

  1. Type of ad: Sell or Buy 

If you’re a seller looking for potential customers, your ad should be selected as  a ‘’Sell’’ ad, as you are offering something to the public, and looking for buyers. In the opposite way if you’re looking for sellers because you want to buy something, then you’ll have to select ‘’Buy’’. 

The same criteria applies for the other 2 options related to horses ads: lease or adoption.

  1. Share Share Share 

Once submitted, your ad will be approved within 15 minutes. At that time, you’ll receive an email with the link redirecting to the products or services advert you have just posted. Copy that link, and paste it across your social media profiles. Feel the difference!

Now that you’ve learned how to create your perfect ad and smash your competitors, go ahead and register (takes less than a minute!). Then click on ”Post an Ad” to start your journey towards a rewarding selling experience!

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